Word Vomit

I preface this post with an apology. Please forgive me for my lack of articulation/eloquence, as I am losing my ability to speak the English language…. The problem, however, is that I have yet to arrive at speaking French. The only way to explain this phenomenon is to describe a kind of horrific purgatory, in which I have found myself. Until my brain makes the transition from making direct English/French translations to actually thinking in French I will continue to mélange all the words that exist in my brain into some kind of word vomit.

Not only am I unable to form correct sentences in French, but I am also losing the ability to speak my native tongue. Simple vocab that would normally come easily have turned into complicated  gobbledygook that goes something like this: “Ah! you know, it’s the place where you go to take the think that flies in the sky, how do you call it in English….. “an airport?” “yes!! that’s it!”

Another example of how I’ve come to speak: “My ability to communicate is merde and I’m absolutely fatigued.” My language has become a mix of French words in English sentences, including real French words as well as words that do translate into English, but that you would never really use.” Melange? Fatigued? Who says that??? Well, at the moment (en ce moment), I do.

I’ve experienced this transition before, when I was in Burkina, so I recognize that it is something that must be welcomed, but right now it is the most frustrating. thing. ever.

Entouka, stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Word Vomit

  1. Erica Ernst says:

    PS….love the reference.

    PPS…love you too!

  2. Madeline says:

    Bet your dreams are even better franglish! Just start saying hella bon!

  3. Betsy Austin says:

    Lizzie: This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. Suzanne and I speak this way all the time (after all, such is Québecois!), but transition back to pure English (boring) when not together. By Christmas, you’ll be 4 square in both languages:) Give me a new funky French word to out on my new FB page for VTMaisonInternational!! a “mot du jour…”

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