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Equilibrium; a recipe

It’s been a good 3 months since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. This is mostly because my “ordinary”  life in the U.S. didn’t seem worthy enough to be catalogued in cyberspace along with the rest of my adventures. Upon reflection, however, my ordinary life has proven to be anything but ordinary. In fact, it’s pretty freaking extraordinary! This summer has been hectic, and I’ve been forced to wrestle my type A personality  into a go-with-the-flow rhythm, which has suited me very well these past few months. Striking a balance has been very important to me, as the past two years have had me oscillating between extremes. In SF I was lucky to clock 5 hours of sleep a night, because of my desire to do it all. Whilst this past year in France, my red leather-bound planner was so free from any black ink rendez-vous’s  that I could sleep 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Thus, this summer has been all about equilibrium; finding a nice balance between the chaos and relaxation  …and I think, dare I say, I’m succeeding.

Here’s my recipe:

  • 3 parts work
  • 3 parts yoga and meditation
  • 2 parts hiking
  • 3 qts. music
  • 2 cups radical people
  • 3 big doses of gratitude
  • 1 part excellent reading material
  • A touch of wine and a pinch of dark chocolate
  • “Mix it all together and put both feet in!”

 … ET VOILÀ ! 

Not having a car, though initially a royal pain in the butt, has been blessing in disguise. Not only did I get to grease up my bike chain (which reminded me that I LOVE biking), but also made into a morning person! I know, crazy, right? I’ve had to get my booty out of bed early enough so that I can enjoy a sit down breakfast and a cup of coffee with the cows, while still having enough time to pedal to work. I’ve actually become so fond of my morning routine that if I don’t get my heavy dose of caffeine and blue grass music before heading to work I feel ungrounded. “The Traveling Song” by the Avett Brothers has been making regular appearances on my cup o’ joe playlists. In preparation for their upcoming headline with Grace Potter at the Grand Point North Festival, they’ve become a religious part of my morning routine.

The Green Mountains have also been a key ingredient to my repose. Whether I’m admiring their majesty from the base or the summit, I feel so incredibly grateful to call these mountains my home. I’ve never been more appreciative of these hills in my entire life. I feel like I’ve been scooped up and hugged by the scenery here. Having taken Vermont for granted in the past, coming back to my roots after 5 years has provided me with a renewed love for the great outdoors and all of God’s creatures… especially Woody and Charles… my two woodchuck friends living in the backyard.

Mount Hunger Summit. Killer on the glutes, but SO worth it!

At any rate, I am leaving home again…. sooner than soon. I am off to Rabat, Morocco (just bought my plane ticket today!) on September 20th. The reality is setting in, as is the excitement. With one month left to enjoy Vermont, I plan on getting in a few more big hikes (a Mansfield over night at Taft Lodge and Camel’s Hump are on the agenda). I’m also anticipating the GPN Festival, which will be my big send off !  Of course, a big thank you  is necessary to the 802  for providing me with a safe green haven to relax and find my balance. I’m hoping to carry forth the spirit of equilibrium and gratitude into my upcoming Moroccan adventures.

Gros bisous,