Attitude of Gratitude — Day 6 : Mentorship

Today was the first day of my new job as School Director of the Au Pair Training School. Taking on this role, it is very clear that I need to step into a leadership role and be a boss, mentor, and friend to my new staff. Though this role will ultimately evolve over time, I know that it is paramount that I observe every small detail of the day to day life on the campus, so as to best set myself up for captaining this ship. 

As I reflect on my leadership style, and perhaps how I will tailor it to fit the needs of my new team, I think of the mentors I’ve had in my life and how their different styles have impacted my personal growth. Each mentor of mine has been unique, and the lessons they’ve taught me have varied in a multitude of ways. However, what is apparent as I reflect on each of my role models is that there is a common thread in each of their styles, and none of them have lead by putting themselves in a position of hierarchy.

Each one of my mentors has stood firmly beside me and encouraged me to spread my wings and fly. Sometimes they’ve taken the leap while holding my hand, other times they’ve jumped and I’ve followed, and still other times they’ve pushed me (sometimes kicking and screaming) off the cliff because they trusted so deeply that I would fly. Bearing this in mind, I plan on using each of these three tactics to help develop my team. 


I am infinitely grateful to all my mentors — family, teachers, community members, colleagues and friends. Today, I am particularly grateful for Caitlin who is my newest mentor on the job! Thanks for the love and support, as well as the swift kick in the rear when it’s needed! 

Yours truly, 


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