Attitude of Gratitude — Day 7 : Exhaustion

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet…perhaps you can guess by the title that I’m exhausted. SO, I’m going to offer some gratitude to that!

Today, after 12 hours in the office meeting teachers, welcoming visiting staff, observing, taking notes, learning the new spread sheets and systems galore, my eyes glazed over and my brain struggled to absorb more information. The key to my success in this job is attention to detail. In the beginning, every detail is a new detail. So naturally I’m tired. However, I want to send some thoughts of gratitude for the initial growth spurt.

Starting a new job is like being an infant again–brand new to the world. Everything is new. Each experience is unique, never before experienced. I have no schedule. No wrote routine, Nothing is boring. The challenge for me is to stay alert, and to be the fresh eyes. To grow quickly into my role as a manager and mentor.

I am grateful for feeling the potential energy so deeply in my bones, and for having the keen awareness that this is a period of immense personal development. Yes, I may be tired, but it’s a good kind of tired; it;s the kind where your eyes are droopy and your brain feels incapable of absorbing anything else.

Actually, I’m quite impressed that I even managed to write this post tonight. Kudos to me. Kudos to learning. Kudos to exhaustion. Just….a Costco sized box of kudos.

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One thought on “Attitude of Gratitude — Day 7 : Exhaustion

  1. Ha. Nice transition. I love those !

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