Attitude of Gratitude — Day 9 : Wine

There is nothing quite so appealing as coming home after a long day and having a nice class of wine. Today, I bought new glasses to enjoy my wine in and I am so thoroughly happy to slowly sip a glass…or two… with my dinner.

I. Love. Wine.



Because it makes me feel like a grown up.

Because it reminds me of cooking with my best friend.


Because wine is so French, and I love everything French.

So, today, though it’s a little (wine and)cheesy, I am grateful for wine and for the time to un(wine)d.

And for really bad, tipsy puns.



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2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude — Day 9 : Wine

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  2. says:

    Just don’thave more than 2 glasses or U will become like Auntie Denise!

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