Attitude of Gratitude — Day 11 : Intuition

There is something so innately in tune in my body with musical rhythms. No matter how obscure the beat, I can usually find it and groove along. When I dance, I feel like I lose myself. Everything around me disappears and melts into the background, and I find my center.

My center is a place of supreme intuition, where the next step comes naturally, almost as if I know what I’m doing before I even know that I am doing it. I rarely need to count or memorize, because when I dance I am fully present and all my limbs act in accordance to the music.

I’ve thought about this before, but I truly felt it today at Zumba. It was my first time in this specific class, and I have never danced with this teacher before. All the routines were brand new to my muscles. As the music blared, I went into a latin-hip hop trance, fumbling mildly as the teacher would introduce a new step, but picking it up by the second count. I kept finding myself surprised how much I trusted my body to do the dancing. Had I been anticipating the quick step-ball-changes or the hip swivels with my brain, I never would have gotten them right. Instead, I listened to the rhythm, the heart beat of the music, and trusted myself fully. As each count repeated itself, my muscle memory kicked in and I could hone each step to perfection.

It’s an incredibly exhilarating feeling when you become aware of your intuition, and it makes me wonder how I can apply this principle to other facets of my life. How can I trust my heart more? Where can I find the beat that drives the energetic rhythms of the universe so that I can get funky with them? In what aspects of my life have I already trusted my intuition, and how can I let my (heart)muscle memory hone their future?

Today I am grateful for the awareness of my intuition, and the feeling of supreme serenity and center on the dance floor!


Finding center in Central Park, and dancing with my homie whose name I believe was Afternoon.

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