Attitude of Gratitude–Day 25: Old Fashion Fun

Today, as my body and mind caught up with itself from last evening’s reunion booze-fest, I committed to myself, for what seems to be the hundredth time in my life, to never drink again. Though the evening was filled with lots of beauty–wonderful connections and a reunion of of Stowe High School’s finest (the Boston chapter)–my aging body just can’t drink like it used to in college, which is something to be thankful for in and of itself. Drinking seems to fulfill very little purpose in my life, and I rather despise the idea of getting “white girl wasted” on a Friday night. I’d like to think I am more classy than that…

However, with my daily routine out the window whilst here in Boston, I’ve adopted a “YOLO” attitude. You only live once; go big or go home; carpe diem, or whatever inspirational motto suits you best. Thus, I’ve taken to eating chocolate cake after lunch, lavishing myself with salmon dinners, and drinking Manhattans like they’re going out of style. But waking up this morning with what tasted like a mouth full of cotton balls and a dull throbbing in my temples, I vowed that it was time for some old fashioned fun, and that no drinks would be necessary for Saturday to be considered a successful day. I’ve swung to an extreme and it’s time to reel it in. Because there’s no moment like the present to start such an undertaking, I made sure that my Saturday would be a day of self care.

I had a nice omelette to kick off the day right, perused the Boston Science museum, watched some golf on my friend’s leather couch, added 5 books to my Amazon basket (which I never purchased, but enjoy doing nonetheless), took a yoga class and went to see the newest Wes Anderson film. I, of course, did all this in the company of my best and dearest friend, Kelley, and nothing could have been more lovely!

So today I am grateful for a fun-filled day of coming back to center. It’s possible to enjoy ourselves, but it’s important to keep in mind the value in a more wholesome kind of fun. Most importantly, I’m happy to have had the pleasure of spending my day finding balance in the good company of Miss Kelley one of my oldest, truest and bluest friends.



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