Attitude of Gratitude — A Mother’s Day Smile

From her joyous womb they cut me out and introduced me to the world. 

The scar tissue from my child birth formed what mom called her “Lizzie smile.”

This scar, a symbol of the symbiotic relationship, formed between a mother and daughter.  

A smile. Yes, if our relationship could boil down to one word, smile would be it. 

Some days were upside down smiles, of course. But right side up or up side down, it matters not. 

She was there, steadfast in her love for her children, her family. 

That’s how a family is created, isn’t it?

Creation through an act of love. 

And the most amazing thing about creating from love is that you pass that love along and watch it as it multiplies. 

My brother’s and I are results of that love, which we too are able to share with the world. 

And one of mom’s incredible gifts that she passed along to me was her love for words.

The gift of gab, some would call it. 

Whether it’s an oral story or a poem or a book, mom’s talents know no boundaries but the one’s she sets herself. Spirit flows through her when she’s handpicking her words like apples from trees and weaving them into intuitive tales, laden with experience. Her creativity never ceases to entertain her crowd. 

So on this Mother’s Day, I hope to return some of these words to my mom. It’s not flowers or breakfast in bed, but it’s something that we share, and something that makes us both smile. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for everything you do for your family. I hope you’ve been inspired to do more of what you love, because even though we’re grown, we still take our cues from you.

Keep multiplying that love and go get your damn story published! 

XO — Lizzie 




3 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude — A Mother’s Day Smile

  1. Peg Vasko says:

    Thanks you, baby girl. Your attitude of gratitude sure makes me smile (;
    bisous~bisous Mom

  2. Chris says:


  3. Betsy Austin says:

    Wow. This is a beautiful piece Lizzie.

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