Attitude of Gratitude–Day 9–The Beat

In the middle of this cold winter, New York City’s concrete streets insulate the cold and the tall building make a tunnel for the wind to whip through. Keeping warm and keeping your spirits high are crucial to surviving a New York winter.

How are you supposed to do that? Dance.


Today I took a West African dance class at the Alvin Ailey Extension studio on 55th St. West African is one of my favorite forms of dance because the movements are so earthy, so grounded, so energetic. The dancer and the drums work together to paint a beautiful story through movement. The dancer stays low to the ground, heaving their chest up and down, bobbing their head back and forth, swinging their arms wide and drawing them back inward. The drums call to the dancer, letting them know it’s time to change their repetition, to move on to the next step driving forth the dance from beginning to end and allowing for fellow dancers to move alongside them in tandem,

Today I am grateful that I got to shake it like a polaroid picture. When I dance my spirit comes into alignment, I ground myself and allow for a smile to stretch from ear to ear as I move to the beat of the drums. What more could I ask for?

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