Attitude of Gratitude–Day 26–The Au Pairs

I have weeks at work where I am so focused on the logistics of running a training school that the already short week passes in an instant and I’ll have hardly talked to a single one of my Au pairs. But there are other weeks when you make a fantastic connection with a group of students and you spend the whole of your time chatting with each other, sharing stories about what it’s like living in the States and imagining alongside of them what their future lives will be like when they are living with their American host families.

The nature of the Au pair training business, with a weekly turn over rate, means that the connection I get to make with my students is short and sweet. If you have a particularly difficult group, the week will pass and you move on. But when you have a great group, it feels like you only get a second to bond with them before sending them off to join their families. 

This week was one of those great weeks, where the Au pairs brought life and excitement and positive energy into the training school. I am grateful for my job which allows me to interact with 22 different cultures a week, and for this group in particular! 

Thank you, Au pairs, for your upbeat energy and you good manners this week! I wish you all the very best experience in the USA! 

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