Attitude of Gratitude–Day 27–Blood is Thicker than Water

I have quite a large and unusual family. Abnormal might be the way to describe them, but then again, whose family is actually unormal?! We are born into a family and the concept is quite fascinating–a group of people bonded by blood, to whom we are obliged to love unconditionally even when they drive is mad.

Today I got to spend some time with my cousin Kate. We grew up together–the children in our two families share the closest bonds out of any of my 24 first cousins. When we are together we reminisce over times when our parents would drop us off to spend time with one another, and we catch up on the inevitable drama that one of our siblings has recently caused. 

Our sanguine connection is beautiful–blood ties bonding together two otherwise strangers– we are full of comradery and love for one another.

Today I am grateful to see my cuz and to meet her lovely fiancĂ©! It is a beautiful reminder to me that no matter how much time passes or diatance there exists between, family ties are eternal. 

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