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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 18–Bad Ass Ladies

Today is March 8th, International Women’s Day! This post is going to be short and sweet, but it is full of gratitude to the amazing woman who have transformed my life:

Mom–Numero uno! Thank you for bringing me forth into this amazing world and leading me with your example.

Mimi–The woman who taught me the true meaning of glamour.

Aunt Denise–A faithful mother to the entire Guerra clan!

Chris–My surrogate grandmother full of wisdom and love.

Betsy–The most amazing teacher, motivator and supporter!

Wendy–My guide to the stars,and all things big picture. Love knows no bounds for this woman.

Kelley–“I solemnly swear we are up to no good.” My partner in crime and fellow adventurer!

Alicia–A perfect example of the mixture of hard work and big brains!

Emily–The most kind hearted and beautiful soul I know.

Jessica–A ray of light and a friend to all.

Virginia– My mystic mamma with a knowledge for all things wilderness.

Kaitlin–My badass lawyer to-be, kicking butt and takin’ names!

Shaakira–A dancer filled to the brim with faith.

Madjane–Elle est belle, elle est forte, elle est folle.

Zannah–Soul. Sister.

Meredith–This girl is following her dreams around the world and back again.

Erika–I know no other as fabulous as she.

Alicia H–A woman so fierce and fantastic, so bold and beautiful.

Sophie–This witchy woman harnesses the power of the moon to free herself (and others) from being bound by social norms.

Nicola–Brimming over the top with love and beaming with light.

Maura–A positive, genuine and hilarious female role model.

Kristin–A woman who misses no small detail and is prepared for anything.

Brittany–Fabulous, fly, fantastic, and fleek.

that bathtub

To all my ladies,

Thank you for the love, guidance and support you have given to me. You are all beacons of light, shining forth your radiant power into this world. I am grateful, humbled and honored to have you in my life. Happy women’s day one and all!

Lots and lots of love!


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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 15–No Mud, No Lotus

It’s the worst days that make this gratitude practice the best.

You know, the days when you run your story of victimization and self-denigration over and over until you embolden your emotions and convince yourself of their truth? Yeah, those days. Today was that kind of day for me.

For a moment (or two..) I allowed myself to be overcome with frustration, to feel bad for myself and play the victim. A person can do this for a long time…hence the reason there is so much conflict in our world. However, I refuse to let my ego get the best of me by ruining my day with patterns of habitual negativity.

I knew that today, no matter what, I had to find something to be thankful for. I’ve committed to this practice, and so even on the toughest of days, I give thanks.

Today, in the midst of a very frustrating moment at work, I saw some payoff  from my gratitude practice. It was like a little reminder clicked in to tell me that out of the mud, a beautiful lotus could bloom — if I asked it to, of course.

And so this is what happened:

I took a breath.

I acknowledged my anger.

I went for a walk.

I had a quick cry.

And I then I asked what I could be grateful for.

It was then that I saw the support of my friends, my team, my boss. I saw the opportunity for me to practice patience and listening and communication. I saw how I would do things differently in the future. And I saw an opportunity to grow as both a manager and a human being.

So today I am grateful for the benefits of this practice and to be developing a reflex for gratitude. Gratitude always shows me that I am the one in control of my well-being. If I want to change something from negative to positive, all I need to do is accept my present state, honor it, give thanks and see the light.

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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 40: Devotion

I’d like to stop and have a good laugh at the Lenten calendar, because I’ve written every day for 39 days….and it’s still not Easter. I’d get out my abacus and check again, but a quick Google search will probably give me the answer to this quandary faster.

According to the Catholic church, the devotional “giving up” of something for Lent is practiced 6 out of the 7 days week days. So for those of you who didn’t know, next year Sunday is fair game. Indulge away.

And while I initially made this promise to be “40 days Catholic,” I’m going to stick it out until Easter Sunday, because I feel attached to the idea of Lent itself, and writing about what I’m grateful for has become a devotional practice that I’m (thankfully) not sure I’ll be able to drop easily.

What started out as a commitment, has turned into a practice that has not only has gotten me through a challenging transition, but has also completely shifted my perspective on life. To be able to take even the toughest day and find something to be grateful for is a life skill. It’s something that I believe everyone should be equipped with. It’s a powerful tool to transform the negative into positive, because in doing so we are able to raise the level of consciousness around us. We need to start preaching gratitude to our children. Let’s create a generation that knows how to be thankful for what they have. If we can do this, we will heal our sick and greedy world.

Today I am grateful that Lent is not over after my 40 day commitment has expired, because it means I have another 5 days to in which I’ll be writing on gratitude. I’m also thankful to this practice for showing me a more enjoyable way to live my life!

Spread the word. What are you grateful for today?


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