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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 22–Animal Energies

I’ve always liked animals, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say, I’m a huge animal lover. I’d describe myself as a dog person, with an allergy to cats, a dislike of reptiles and a downright fear of rodents. I could never own a guinea pig or wrap a snake around my neck, though I find cats are tolerable with some Claritin and dogs, well, everyone likes dogs…right?

I grew up a poodle person, which, in many people’s opinions, are not even real dogs to begin with. We went the hypo allergenic route in our household due to our genetic dander intolerance. But dogs, yes, I’m still all about them. Their drooly, silliness and their capacity to love and love and love some more will never get old. But above all, it’s their loyalty that I admire most in dogs. They are the first to greet you at the back door waiting for you the moment your car door slams. They can feel when you’re happy and know when you’re sad or scared. They share so fully in your emotional experience, it’s like they are a part of who you are.

And then there are cats. Agile, smart and spiteful. Their feline grace is what I admire most about them. Their “zero fucks given” attitude. Their ability to fall from great heights and land on their feet. They are sharp and swift and sly.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had such one on one time with any animals, so this weekend has been a complete dose of wonder for me. I love being able to sit quietly and question what is going on in their minds, analyze their needs, take care of them, and let them take care of me. I’ve learned a lot from these animals this weekend, and for that I am most grateful today.

I’ve thought deeply about the qualities that I admire most in my new pals, and seek to channel their loyal and graceful energies this week as I move from one moment to the next.

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