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Attitude of Gratitude — Day 10 : Arriving Home

The last few days have been incredibly social for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my staff and my colleague from Boston, and finding the time to write a real post has been challenging. It just goes to show the ebb and flow of life, and inevitably things will slow down significantly come April when I have a full fledged schedule and things are a bit more routine.

The fact that my usual routines such as going to the gym, meditating and doing yoga have fallen by the wayside this past week are not of concern. It is crucial that I take the time to nest and invest. I need to know the area, I need to know my colleagues, I need to buy throw pillows for my couch–all essential in the nesting process.

This evening, I invited my team over for dinner and cooked a hearty vegetarian meal. It was nice to sit around a table and entertain. It made my apartment fill with energy, and it felt natural to cook and chat and share. As I make this place feel more like my own, I realize how important is to me to have a home and to share it with the people around me.

The more I invest in this place, the more successful I will be in this job. Thus, I want to put my heart and soul into making this apartment feel like home as well as making Long Island feel like home. The impending future of my career may actually be tied to the throw pillows on my couch, and the spices in my spice rack and the pictures hanging on my walls. The more I have invested, the more I will give. If I can give as much positive energy as possible, I will manifest a very positive experience for everyone involved.

They say that home is where the heart is, and let’s be real, I’ve left my heart in many homes. My heart lives in Vermont, San Francisco, Burkina Faso, France, Morocco, and Spain. I never could have imagined that my heart would invest itself in this new opportunity here on Long Island, but that’s the beauty of life. We never know, and we can only imagine.

So here in this moment, I am imagining my heart (and my home) being full of positive growing experiences, and I’m truly grateful for this lovely space to call my home.


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Attitude of Grattitude — Day 4 : Putting Down Roots

Bearers of the astrological sun sign, Cancer, such as myself, are known to be very domestic beings. They like their house, and the comforts of their possessions gathered in closely around them. I have felt the urge for years to own a bookcase, my own queen-sized bed, and to hang pictures of my friends and family on my walls. But since I left “the nest” 7-years ago, I’ve hardly had the time to lay some roots. I’ve lived in college dormitories and a smattering of foreign counties, and haveĀ neverĀ lived close enough to home to warrant more than two 50-pound suitcases full of possessions.

Whilst living abroad, my cancer crab self hoarded little nick knacks with the hope of some day placing them neatly on an alter in my very own sacred space. I’ve collected tapestries, rugs, soap dishes, hand towels, place mats, etc… and have finally (FINALLY!) gathered all of my belongings in around me into my little shell, and have started the process of growing my roots.


Today, for the first time ever, I have begun to weave my nest in a location that has the potential life span of 2+ years. The feeling has been mildly overwhelming, as roots are the antithesis of my nomadic lifestyle, but I am excited to embrace the transition from drifter to bed owner, and sigh knowing that from here on out (unless I join an order of monks) I will be hiring a U-haul truck to move me from one shell to the next.

But the feeling of change and rootedness are the things I am grateful for today. Not to mention my stellar family and friends who helped me transport and carry my entire life into my new apartments.


So much gratitude! Let the nesting begin!

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