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Attitude of Gratitude — Day 12 : The Moon

Though I’ve previously posted about connection, I see fit for a bow of gratitude to today’s full moon and how it emphasizes connection in my life. As a Cancer, my ruling planet is the moon and when it is full my energy field is hyper sensitive on many levels. As the moon symbolizes many things, including femininity, fertility, emotions, maternity, sensitivity, memory, death, decay and connection, I often feel a strong pull to one or many of these symbols when she is baring her full form. As the waxing gibbous moon transitioned to her full form today, I began to connect and reconnect with friends both new and old.

From yesterday afternoon until late this afternoon I drew people in close like the gravitational pull of the earth draws the moon into orbit.


It started yesterday in the afternoon when I met Ed and his son Jordan on the train into Manhattan. What could have been a very brief encounter as I asked for directions on the train platform, turned into an hour and a half long train ride and a subsequent exchange of contacts. As this exchange was taking place, a seemingly quiet stranger across the aisle of the train was drawn into our conversation.  She made a joking remark about me picking up strangers on the train and then asked if I wanted her business card too. My attitude, perhaps contrary to what we’re taught as young children is ALWAYS talk to strangers, because you never know what kind of beautiful addition they might give to your life. Thus, I quipped that if she had one, I would surely take it. As it turns out my new friend is a yoga teacher on Long Island and I now have a weeks worth of free classes at her studio, Always at Aum in Babylon. Big time win. New friends and free yoga…I like everything about that!

While yesterday was full of new connections, today was a day meant for reconnecting with some old friends. The morning started early in Brooklyn as I called one of my dear friends and former USF classmates, Allie. We met for coffee and talked, as only the two of us can, about our emotions–of which we have many. Our conversations are always very cathartic and we ended up lifting each other’s moods significantly. Following my java break with Allie, I met up with another USF classmate, Sarah. Sarah and I had multiple classes together in the International Studies major, but never had the opportunity to connect whilst in SF. She recently reached out to me via Linkedin, when she saw that I was living in New York. Today I met with an old face, and connected a story to it.  I’m genuinely excited to have her as a “new” friend here in New York. Following my hang out with Sarah, I met up with James and his girlfriend Anne. James is, perhaps one of the most influential human beings in my life. He was my inspiration for El Camino and a person, whom I was absolutely certain upon the first time we met each other, that our souls new each other in a past life. Being in his presence  always makes me feel like I am celebrating the very best things that life has to offer, and being around such a dynamic couple was the very best way to end my brief jaunt to the Big Apple this weekend.

Thus, today, I am very grateful to the moon for illuminating some beautiful connections in my life, both old and new.

Goodnight moon.

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