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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 23–Sore Muscles

I’ve written about kickboxing a few times in my gratitude posts already, but if you’ve hung out with me recently, you will have heard me talk about this sport non-stop.

The greatest part about taking up something new, is the feeling you get when you see yourself making progress, getting better. I’ve been kickboxing consistently for a little over a month now, and the incredible thing about the sport is that no matter how much progress I see in my technique, there is always a new move to learn–and a new muscle group to target.

Kick boxing is a full-body workout, to which my anguished muscles can attest! Head and neck, shoulders and back, arms, abs, glutes, thighs, calves, shins–every single one of these muscles have been taking turns aching. The progress of slowly building and toning muscle and learning to punch and kick a bag is way slower than you would think. It takes time, practice and perseverance to learn the techniques properly (safely). Muscle memory is an incredible thing, but the repetition required to get to the point where your muscles take control of the move naturally is obscene. However, as my technique and my muscle tone improves, so does my overall ability to kick some major butt!

Tonight in class we did an exercise that was reminiscent of my ballet years. Standing at the wall, we lifted and lowered our legs, slowly chambering the proper form of a roundhouse kick: knee up and shin turned at a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor, leg extends out straight for the kick and comes back into the starting position before lowering to the ground. We did this one move over and over and over again… and then we switched sides. I can feel how strong my legs have gotten, and can’t wait to see just how much stronger they are going in another few months of training. Even still, my hip flexors and glutes and lower abdomen are screaming right now, and only God knows if I’ll be able to walk down stairs or even get out of bed tomorrow.

Today I am grateful to my sore muscles because they are a symbol of my hard work and determination, not only in my training, but also in my life. The aches and pains of my muscles are making me a stronger and more powerful athlete, one who has the ability to face any challenge with flexibility, strength, purpose and grace.

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Attitude of Gratitude — Day 16: Back on My Mat

Today was the first day in over a month that I’ve shared in the collective energy of a yoga class. And let me tell you, I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I feel right now. These past few weeks have been so full of change that I haven’t been able to remain very present. Going to class today reignited the fire within me to focus on the power of the moment. Being in a class of 40 sweaty, om-ing yogis was the exact kind of energetic lift that I needed to remind me to come back into my body and find center.

This practice of being present and centered is a life skill that I began exploring through yoga. When I began practicing I was swimming in the shallow end of what I like to call the “yoga pool.” Granted, I was never averse to the om-ing or philosophical side of yoga, but I loved the physical aspect of it, and that was what always brought me back class after class. As I began to see my body change slowly over time, and I could access new postures like chaturanga (push-up) or sirsasana (headstand), I began to swim into the deep end of the pool. Along with developing higher physical capacities, I also began to open up my mind and heart to the higher levels of yoga.

This is how turned my life upside down(ward facing dog). I began to devour spiritual texts and to meditate outside of the allotted savansana in class. I started reflecting and developing a true practice that used the Vinyasa concept of flow. Moving with the breath, linking the postures fluidly with the inhale and the exhale. An hour of concentrated breathing through difficult postures on the mat, allows for us to flow through life’s challenges when we are off the mat.

I flow in and out of this relationship with the divine, as I can easily become wrapped up in being human. These past few months for me have been very human. I’ve known that somewhere in my heart I can always tap into my divine if I choose, but I have been busy and have made little time for my practice. But today was the kick start that I needed. All it took was a room full of devotees to unleash the divine within me and remind me that I can always tap into infinity.

Today I am grateful for getting myself to yoga, for our teacher, Scot at Yoga to the People, and for all the yogis who got got their butts kicked along side me as I shakily attempted postures that I once took for granted, and sweated out all wine I’ve drunk in the last 2 weeks!



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