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Attitude of Gratitude–Day 28: The head and the heart

heartcrosssection-labeled1Today I watched a movie called The Three Idiots. It’s a bollywood film about societal pressure to succeed. The definition of success– a large house, a lot of money, a beautiful bride and a fast car– was portrayed in stark contrast to the happiness we achieve when we follow our passionate heart.

The movie, a full three hours of pure Indian tongue and cheek, made a strong case for rebellion against societal pressure to amass wealth at the expense of happiness, and, in fact, argued that when we are living out our life’s purpose, we actually are so much more apt to attract in both monetary and emotional wealth.

Thus, today, I am grateful for my heart, as it so rarely lets my head win an argument. I am grateful for the strength of my amazing cardio-vascular organ and it’s ability to lead me forward. Every important decision I’ve ever made in my life has been at the whim of my heart, and I appreciate such reminders like this film, to continue heeding to the call of my pounding kick-drum heart.


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