In Good Faith; Eid al-Adha

Muslim’s worldwide celebrated Eid al-Adha today by sacrificing sheep.  This traditional Islamic holiday celebrates the prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his youngest son, Ishmael, to God. As a result of Ibrahim’s good faith, God allowed him to sacrifice a ram instead.

Let us be grateful for the sheep who gave their lives today, and reflect on the moments in which we put our complete faith in the will of the Universe.

Amen, right on, shalom, salam, namaste.

2 thoughts on “In Good Faith; Eid al-Adha

  1. Betsy Austin says:

    Lizzie ma chère! I have been so crazy busy that I haven’t had a chance to read all of your wonderful insightful words, nor have I commented….I WILL soon, and love what you are giving to your readers. And merci mille fois for the YouTube on stereotypes…plan to use it tomorrow in a lesson. Am at VTMI and quite busy, but settling into a schedule and will be in touch:) Super Gros bisous, ace, rad and oh yeah…what’s the slang meaning of “dope”? How ’bout tacking on “far out” and “power to the people”, “right on” too….straight from the ’60’s:)

  2. Peg Vasko says:

    May we have more, please?

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